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Since 2002, many foreign countries have implemented strict rules and regulations related to the treatment of wood packaging material allowed into their countries in an effort to control the risk of pest infestation.   Heat treatment specifications are set forth in ISPM-15 of the IPPC regulations pertaining to the use of solid wood packaging material in export applications. These regulations apply to both coniferous (softwood) and non-coniferous (hardwood) lumber.

All lumber listed in our crating grade lumber inventory is heat treated or kiln dried/heat treated to a minimum core temperature of 133 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 30 minutes. This heat treatment exceeds the standards in ISPM-15. Heat treatment is performed at the mill where the lumber is manufactured and each piece is mill stamped HT or KD/HT as required.

Industrial Lumber also operates its own certified heat treating chamber and is licensed to treat previously untreated lumber and stamp it for use in export packaging. This heat treatment chamber can also be used to treat wood crates, boxes and skids built by our customers that do not have their own official HT Stamp. 


At Industrial Lumber our business is structured to serve manufacturers as well and light and heavy industrial users. Our lumber inventory consists of material that is ideally suited for the cost-effective manufacture of shipping boxes, crates, and skids.

We continually monitor all of the major lumber producing regions in the United States and Canada. Lumber and plywood are shipped to us by truck or rail. All material received in our yard is available for immediate delivery to our customers.


Industrial Lumber Company stocks rough common oak boards, dimension lumber, small squares, planks, and large timbers. Via our long-standing relationships with many oak sawmills in the Midwest, we can also special order rough oak material according to your needs and specifications.

This rough oak material is an excellent replacement for trailer beds for heavy equipment operators and excavators. Planks, small squares, and timbers make excellent bridge plank, cribbing, shoring, and rigging material.

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