Using heat-treated lumber, our crates, boxes, and skids can be HT Stamped in compliance with ISPM 15 export shipping regulations allowing them to be shipped anywhere in the world.

We also have the capability, the experience, and the expertise to load trucks and ocean export shipping containers after crating and packaging.

We offer specialized services to our customers that ship their product via ocean container that protects the product from the effects of high humidity and salt air while at sea. Vapor barrier bagging with specially designed water and vapor proof, flexible and heat-sealable material in combination with moisture absorbent clay desiccant offers the ultimate protection against oxidation and corrosion damage to your valuable products.


With more experience than any other crating company serving Kansas City and the Midwest, Industrial Lumber Company designs and builds crates, wooden boxes, and shipping skids to the highest quality mil-spec standards available to protect your manufactured products and industrial goods and supplies from damage during transport and shipment.




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