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3 Products Used to Control Corrosion

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Many of our customers are manufacturers of metal equipment that include sensitive electronics. When shipping these items internationally, they want every precaution taken to ensure their products arrive at their destination without rust and corrosion caused by exposure to moisture and oxygen.

How do we protect them from moisture and oxygen? We use these three products and others within our crates to offer the highest protections possible:

  1. VCI Polyethylene Sheeting

  2. Desiccant Packs

  3. Heat & Vacuum-Sealed Water Vapor Barrier

At Industrial Lumber Company, we manufacture custom wood skids and crates, but we also stock VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors) packaging materials that meet military specs for preventing rust and corrosion. They work by releasing molecules into the air which are attracted to the surface of metal. Attached to a metal surface, these molecules form a molecular layer which inhibits air and moisture from coming into contact with it. From VCI poly sheeting, vacuum and heat-sealed mil-spec barrier wraps, and desiccant moisture absorbents, we have the materials on-hand to protect your cargo while on it’s journey from your shipping dock to it’s destination overseas or domestic.

Our blue sheeting is made from polyethylene which contains a number of VCI inhibitors that can protect metal parts during storage and transit. With the VCI extruded directly into the film and not applied to it’s surface, this product has excellent long-term protection from rust and corrosion. Without the mess from other anti-rust products like oils and greases, this sheeting is also safer to use, easier to apply, and more environmentally friendly.

The next step we take in protecting your products is high-quality desiccant packs. These packs are filled with clay material that absorbs moisture from the air around it. They meet Mil-D-3464 Type I and II specs and are another way Industrial Lumber Company keeps your product free of corrosion.

While we can order any specified vacuum crating material a customer might specify, we stock HD100 Mil-PRF 131K Class 1 QPL. This is an excellent barrier with a nylon outer surface perfect for heavy duty applications. With a 7.3 mil thickness, it is puncture and tear resistant at up to 26 lbs of pressure. This high quality barrier material is another step we take in ensuring your cargo is protected from water vapor and oxygen corrosion. This material completely encloses your cargo and is heat/vacuum-sealed.

Next time you’re in need of a partner for your crating and packing needs, we hope you give us a call. Since 1941, we’ve been teaming up with industrial manufacturers in the Kansas City Metropolitan area to ensure the safe and corrosion-free delivery of their products worldwide.


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