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Industrial Grade Lumber: SO essential, we put it in our name

Industrial lumber used for custom skids and dunnage and
Rough oak timbers

Welcome to the world of Industrial Grade Lumber, the unsung hero behind the scenes in Kansas City's bustling manufacturing and shipping industries. It's time to shine a spotlight on this essential material and explore why it's indispensable in our city's industrial landscape.

What Exactly is Industrial Grade Lumber?

Often misunderstood, industrial grade lumber is lumber's rugged cousin, tough enough to handle the heavy lifting that finer woods can't manage. Rated as Grade 4 for its robustness and less-than-perfect appearance, it includes the knotty and tougher sections of the tree that other industries might sidestep. But don't be fooled by its rough exterior—this lumber is exactly what the industrial world needs.

From Forest to Facility: The Origins of Our Lumber

Our industrial grade lumber hails from the heart of sustainable forestry practices, crafted from trees specifically chosen for their durability and strength. At Industrial Lumber Co., we ensure each piece of wood is milled with precision, making the journey from forest to our Kansas City facility where it transforms into the backbone of your industrial projects.

Unleashing Potential: The Many Uses of Industrial Grade Lumber

Industrial grade lumber is the all-rounder of the wood world. Here at Industrial Lumber Co, we use it to craft:

  • Custom Crates and Pallets: Tailored to secure and transport your products safely across town or across the globe.

  • Sturdy Skids: The foundation for heavy industrial equipment, ensuring stability and safety.

  • Durable Dunnage: Keeping cargo secure during transit, preventing shifts and damage.

  • Robust Cribbing: Essential for construction and machinery operations, providing reliable support.

  • Tough Trailer Decking: Designed to take on the rigorous demands of transporting heavy goods.

Each of these applications highlights the versatility and reliability of industrial grade lumber, proving it's more than capable of supporting the heavy demands of our local industries.

Why Industrial Grade Lumber is a Game-Changer for the Supply Chain

Imagine a world where supply chains are slowed down by materials that can't handle the pressure. That's a world without industrial grade lumber. Here in Kansas City, our manufacturing and shipping sectors rely on this material to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. With our custom solutions, companies can ensure their goods move safely and swiftly, bolstering productivity and profitability.

Your Kansas City Partner in Industrial Solutions

At Industrial Lumber Co., we’re not just suppliers; we're your partners in crafting custom solutions that power your operations. Whether you need custom crates, skids, or pallets, we're here to provide top-quality industrial grade lumber tailored to your specifications.

Engage with us today to see how our lumber solutions can strengthen your supply chain. Because when it comes to supporting Kansas City's industries, nobody does it better than Industrial Lumber Co. We're tough, we're local, and we're ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work.


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